Peter I (the Great) of Russia


Goals and Accomplishemts

He focused on the development of science and technology advancements

-imported Western technology

-improved education

-improved waterways and canals

-developed mining and textile manufacturing

-backed new trading companies

He expand his territory by defeating Sweden created a new Capitol in St. Petersburg

Modernize Russia

Modernized the Russian alphabet

Introduced the Gulian calendar

Established the first Russian newspaper

Forced Russian nobles to adopt western fashions. Promoted the use of French as the court language to the extent that within a few generations many Russian nobles could not understand the common Russian of their own countrymen. Also tried to end the practice of forced arranged marriages between noblemen and women.

Warm-water pot- one that would be free of ice all year round


Drew military officers and made sure they served in the military or administrative positions

Aimed to reduce the pore of the nobility


Subjected the peasants to compulsory labor and to military service

Every individual adult male peasant was assessed with a tax


Military reforms massively modernized Russia's army and Navy

The Navy was primarily Peter he Greats invention

Introduces a sole tax on males


He wanted Russia to look like a more western civilization


It was a very rich institution and Peter wanted this wealth

Map of Peter the Greats efforts of westernization