Don't Let Your Child Be Next!

How peer victimization leads to depression in any aged child

Peer Victimization and Depression

Peer victimization is in which certain children become targets of any form of abuse. This can begin in children as young as elementary aged children. It has been researched and proven that this type of behavior leads to depression in the victim of this type of bullying.

Signs of a Bully and of a Depressed Child

Most bullies are high-status kids who are liked for their athletic abilities. Some however, may become disliked because of their cruelty. The victim of this situation will show anxiety and low self-esteem. These are important things to look for in both the suspect and the victim.

LRU Students

The students here a Lenoir-Rhyne are a concerned group of people who want to protect the victims of bullying in all of our schools in the county, from elementary schools all the way to college. We hope that this will also lower the amount of depression in children and teens.


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