Shake it Up


Why do this Lab?

Almost everything humans eat or drink is considered a mixture, from the cereal that is consumed t for breakfast to the tea that is consumed at night before going to sleep. How exactly does one figure out what type of mixture it is? There are two types of mixtures, a heterogenous mixture and homogenous mixture. A heterogenous mixture is a type of mixture that doesn't dissolve or seperate evenly. A homozygous mixture is a mixture where the soulute does dissolve evenly. This lab will be done to help identify the different parts of a homogenus mixture and to explain the difference between both types of mixtures.

Materials Needed

  • 1 tsp of sugar
  • 1 tsp of salt
  • 1 tsp of sand
  • 2 bottles of water


  1. Begin by labeling your bottles of water as A and one as B
  2. Place one tsp of sugar and one tsp of salt into bottle A
  3. Stir bottle A with one of the teaspoons until you see that both solutes are mixed in thoroughly
  4. Place one tsp of sand into bottle B
  5. Stir bottle B until the sand is mixed in thoroughly
  6. Wait 5 minutes for the solutes to full mix with in the solvent, while waiting right down any observations you notice
  7. After 5 minutes look at both bottles A & B and observe what happened to the solutes in the solvent
  8. Right down which of those two mixtures you think is Heterogenous and which you think is homogenous
  9. Discuss with your group memebers and identify the parts of the homogenous mixture
  10. Write down your results and how you found them


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