by: Ricardo soto

basic facts

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 does not let people be discriminated for race, color, religion, sex or origin.The Civil Rights Act was soon grown to enforce basic civil rights.In the 1960s, Americans expected the president, the Congress, and the courts to keep promise of the 14th Amendment. and treat everybody equally.

President Jhon F. Kennedy

on 06/11/1963 Kennedy gave a speech that was on television talking about how important it was that all American should be treated equally. then he asked the congress to create a law that protected all blacks (African Americans) from being discriminated and segregated. the bill was passed & signed but a lot of southern congress man did not support the civil rights act only a small percentage of them gave there vote for it to be passed.
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sighning of civil rights act

the civil rights act was signed by president Lyndon B. Johnson & passed through both the representatives house & the senate