Dinner Scenario

Maria Magat

Question 1

When you are completely seated it is always

important to be respectful and wait for the waiter/waitress

Question 2

2. A la carte- according to the menu

A la mode- fashion up/up to date

Question 3

3. When you want the waiters attention, you should

always wait until they walk pass. Don’t shout for them.

Question 4

4. Gratuity is giving the server a tip; basically being polite and giving them money if there service was good, you can find it on the bill

Question 5

5. When you finish each course,

make sure to put your silverware on

the side, so they can know you're done

Question 6

6. Make sure you’re polite. Use table manners. If

you have to go to the bathroom, politely excuse

yourself. Don’t act crazy, and most of all have a

good time