The Lion King KIDS

Casting Announcement for the 2016 CAES Spring Musical

Dear Chesterbrook families,

I first would like to say congratulations to each and every student that auditioned for a lead role in this year’s production of “Lion King KIDS”. Over 80% of our student’s body auditioned for a character role last week! Every student, regardless of having auditioned, will be a huge part of our production. Each class will be involved in at least three performance numbers and ensemble members and will rehearse each week in music class. Lead roles will participate in additional rehearsals that will take place either during recess or after school. During auditions, students were critiqued in the categories of singing voice, stage presence, spoken diction, concentration and preparedness. Our panel of judges, Mrs. Hasson, Senora Artiga, Mrs. McCutcheon and I, collaborated and made the decision for each character role. After a long and hard process of narrowing down our lead roles we have come to a decision for the final cast list. Thank you to everyone for auditioning. I am so proud of each and every student and am amazed by the amount of talent in our school!

Ms. Hill

Young Simba

Ahad Khemani


Krish Manek

Young Nala

Lucy Billington


Dakota Musfeldt-Grisby


Sohan Manek


Angelina Pandoruska


Dylan Kokkinos


Meghan Markham


Jack Plattenberger


Aiden Rodgers


Hollis Robinson


Logan Sennhotlz


Andrew Russell


Emma Barry

Diya Khatau

Sauda Morgan

Ava Nieves

Nandini Prasad

CJ Shaw

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