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Body image and the Media

Body Image and Beauty

Body image is how you view yourself and how you think others view you.

Beauty is having a positive view of yourself which builds your confidence.

Avoiding judgement

Body images are shaped by a combination of the media and what others say about you. To avoid judging others, try to see the positives in everyone.


More Statistics

-Out of the fortune 500, only 4.6% of CEO's are women. (galleryhip.com)

- The U.S. ranks 15th in the world in highest percentage of female managers (one-europe.info)

-Out of the top 100 billionaires, only 13 are women. (www.forbes.com)

- Even in Clergy leadership, only 15% of women are the leaders. (www.forbes.com)

- Women earn more 20% more degrees than men( www.nbcnews.com)

- 57% of college students are women. (pinterest.com)

- In the history of the United States only 2% of congress has been women. (www.nameitchangeit.org)

5 steps to improve body image

1. Remind yourself that beauty is on the inside.

2. Hang around with positive people.

3. Stop thinking that your body isn't right or not good enough.

4. Wear clothes that make you feel good about your body.

5. Be careful while watching social media.(www.nationaleatingdisorders.org)