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September 2013

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Chromebooks: What You Need To Know

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Chapin Elementary Media Specialist Skypes!

Classrooms across the country celebrated International Dot Day on September 16th ( The day recognizes the book The Dot by Peter Reynolds and encourages students to look at how they can make their mark on the world. The organizers of this day encouraged students and teachers to connect with others celebrating this day. Kristen Lawson, media specialist at Chapin Elementary) collaborated with New Providence Elementary School in Lexington One. The library media specialist there recruited a Kindergarten class and Lawson recruited Ashley Cogburn's 1st grade class at CES to read the book and then have a conversation via skype about how each student can make a difference in their world.
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Lake Murray 2nd Graders Report From Rural, Suburban, and Urban Communities

The magic of green-screening allowed Mrs. Carroll's 2nd grade students to learn about rural, suburban, and urban communities. The students researched about communities and wrote their own facts and introductions for the news show video. Watch the video to learn what type of community you live in or near.
Rural, Suburban, and Urban Communities for Publishing

Leaphart Students Use Voki to Tell About Themselves.

Fifth grade students in Ms. Melson and Mrs. Meyers classes use Voki to tell the "Top 10 Things You Need To Know About Me." What is Voki? Voki is an educational tool that allows users to create their own talking avatar. Voki characters can be customized to look like historical figures, animals and even yourself! Give your Voki a voice by recording using a microphone, type-to-text speech and more. They can then be embedded on your own teacher website.

Click Here to view projects!

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Dutch Fork Uses iPad Apps to Reinforce Mathematical Processes.

DFES's Cindy Sommers uses her iPads to allow students to collaborate, create, and think critically. Below is a "Division Jam" video that was created using a free app called "iMotionHD".

More math creations here

Division Jam

Nursery Road Kindergarteners Learn Their Letters

Mrs. Law's Kindergarten students learned about letters, letter sounds, and the places in their school by creating a digital video called Faces and Places. Mrs. Ogen took students around the school and took their picture in a place or with a person or thing beginning with the same letter sound as their first name. Then the students got to record a sentence on the iPad with the PixnTell app. Watch the video and see if you can recognize the same beginning sounds in the students' names and the places they visited.

Law Faces and Places 2013

Ballentine Media Center's Smart Solutions

Marilyn Gramling and Jayne Beachler have been making the most of what they learned at summer technology conferences. Among many other things, they learned that research shows that students respond well to having a clearly stated agenda up front before the lesson. They now use a host of iPad tools they have discovered to create and introduce lessons and share information.

“It captures their attention and you can march right into the lesson!” Marilyn excitedly reports and Jayne adds that "for our special needs students, it helps them transition into the lesson and shows them the expectations for what they will be doing for the day."

Tellegami , sock puppets, Pixntell and Facetalk are some of the apps they have utilized so far. Facetalk and Tellegami can both be embedded into a SMARTboard lesson- making them even easier to access.

Using local backgrounds from the school personalize the presentations and keep the students engaged and excited to see what they will be doing.

Bob introducing the catalog lesson

Matilda introducing Compass Learning

Panda Fiction/Non-Fiction