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Vivian Banks Charter School Weekly Update - October 28, 2022

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Principal's Message

Dear VBCS Families,

Thank you for a successful Parent Teacher Conference week! We greatly appreciate the active role you have taken in your child’s education by participating. Conferences can have a great impact on the success of your student. When parents, teachers and students work together around a common goal and then work hard to achieve that goal, only great things will occur. Our teachers are some of the most dedicated teachers that I have worked with. They put in countless hours to help our students become successful. They are fantastic! During this month of November, we often think of things we are grateful for, I am grateful for our fabulous teachers.

Students of the Week

The following students were recognized at Friday Flag Raising as our Students of the Week. They were selected by their classroom teachers for demonstrating outstanding effort and citizenship for the week. Keep up the great work Eagles!

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Culture and Community

Vivian Banks Book Fair

Vivian Banks will be hosting a Book Fair the week of October 31 - November 4th.

Cupeno Language instruction

With the continued support of the Pala Band of Mission Indians I am happy to share that VBCS will continue to offer Cupeno Language instruction on site. All VBCS students (K-5) will recieve weekly Cupeno Language instruction under the direction of Ms. Anna Rameshaw. Ms. Rameshaw does an excellent job providing the students native language instruction utilizing fun and engaging methods. Her use of music in particular, is an outstanding instructional strategy to introduce students to new Cupeno vocabulary. VBCS greatly values this opportunity to introduce our students to their Native language. Language classes will begin on November 4th.

Red Ribbon Week - Oct 24-28

VBCS celebrated California Red Ribbon Week the week of October 24-28. Ms. Bonwell (4th grade teacher) developed many exciting and fun activities that were implemented throughout the week to promote a commitment to a drug-free, alcohol-free, violence-free and smoke-free community. As part of this celebration students made a pledge to make healthy choices, participated in a healthy fun run, and wore themed clothing. I would also like to thank the Pala Tribe who provided tobacco prevention education by presenting to each class. Overall it was a fulfilled week focusing on health and positive choices.

Counselor's Corner

Hello Parents!

Here are four healthy ways to foster Emotional Development.

Allowing and encouraging children to express their feelings - both positive and negative - supports their emotional development. Children have the capacity to label and discuss their emotions, they just need a safe and open environment to do so.

1. Your child should know that their thoughts, feelings, and efforts matter. Let them know you're listening when they share their thoughts and feelings.

2. Help your child use words to describe their feelings. You might say, "I can tell you're feeling very mad and frustrated. Would you like to tell me why you feel this way?"

3. Acknowledge difficult feelings and give your child strategies to respond to them. Help your child know that it's okay to have strong feelings and you are there to help them manage those feelings in a positive way. Each child is unique - one child may want to have a conversation while another may need a hug or deep breaths to cool down.

4. Encourage your child to practice how others feel. When reading a story or watching a movie together, ask your child to imagine they are different characters and to guess how they might be feeling, and why.

Hope these tips help. If there is any way I can partner with you to support your child, please don't hesitate to reach out.

John Casamento

School Counselor

(760) 742-3300

Health and Saftey

Campus Visitors

Vivian Banks Charter School considers the safety of our students and staff a top priority. This year, we added a visitor management system to our campus. Knowing who is on the campus and having an orderly check-in/out process is a key component of providing a safe environment on our school campuses. After careful consideration, we are pleased to announce that we will be using Raptor Technologies as our visitor management system.

Visitors to our campuses will be asked for a government-issued ID, such as a driver’s license, military ID card, Permanent Resident Card or passport. The ID will be scanned and using the visitors’ name and date of birth, an electronic check will be made against the National Sex Offender Data Base. Once the visitor is cleared, a visitor badge, which includes the name, destination on campus, and a picture of the visitor will be printed and must be worn while on campus.

Upcoming Events

10.31.22 - Book Fair Begins

10.31.22 - Halloween Event

11.16.22 - Indian Education Meeting

11.18.22 - Charter Council

11.21 - 11.25 - Thankgiving Break