Drafting and Drafting Evasion

By Camie Williams

Drafting and I'm No Hero.

Drafting started on December 1, 1969. They used Selective Service to call up any man who was born 1944 to 1950. Charlie Plumb was one of these men who were selected for war in Vietnam. He was one of the few that actually wanted to fight for our country also that went through training before the drafting.

Vietnam Lotteries

The Government came up with a plan called the Vietnam Lotteries, this method determined the order of call of induction. There were 366 blue capsules containing birth dates. Each date that was pulled would be all the men with that date would be the next to be deployed.

Selective Service

During the Vietnam War, about two-third of American troops were volunteered, the rest were selected for military service through the drafts. In the beginning of the war, the names of all American men in draft-age were collected by the Selective Service. If these men weren't selected then we would've not had enough numbers to win the war.

25% were the poor, 55% working class, and 20% middle class.

Many people fled to Canada to avoid being drafted, these were called “Draft Dodgers” .


Many young college students were protesting against the draft. They didn't agree with the way the government was handling things. Over 40,000 protesters were marching against war and many got arrested. Protesting got worse after the news of death in Vietnam.


Even though the draft was abolished in 1973, men of draft age (between 18-25 years) still have to register with the Selective Service System within 30 days of the 18th birthday so a draft can be ready. Although drafting has been used for several wars, it is less likely today due to so many soldiers who have joined the military.

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