Preschool Classroom

Weekly Updates

Happy Halloween Everyone!

For the month of October we had a blast decorating pumpkins, going on a trip to a farm, and decorating our classroom. The kids did a lot of practicing with their cutting skills this month. They have made a marked improvement!

Sadly, we say goodbye to Gaga. She will no longer be teaching here at VIP but she will come visit us as often as possible. We are all sad to see her go.

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This week we made noodle skeletons. The kids glued noodles onto paper in the shape of their very own skeleton which has been displayed in the classroom.

We continued to practice our fine motor skills by cutting out classroom decorations.

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This week we did some Halloween math worksheet focusing on addition and subtraction.
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Reading & Writing

This week we played letter-bingo. The kids love this game!

We have continued to read Halloween themed books and did some more book reviews. We hope that you saw these come home in your child's cubby! The intent of these worksheets is to promote reading comprehension.

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Dramatic Play

This week the kids were very involved in dress up. We had some scary masks to try on. We also dressed up in our Halloween costumes for trick or treating!
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This week we brought back the noodle bin. We also left open the bead sorting station and played with some playdough & floam.

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