Animal Farm by George Orwell:

A vital component of the 10th grade curriculum

Why Animal Farm?

This novella is an educational read that connects to World War II in the 10th grade world history curriculum. But beyond that, Animal Farm is truly thought-provoking in its content. It is packed with symbolism and themes that allow its reader to ponder the impact that one of the greatest regimes in history, a exploitative proletarian dictatorship prevalent in Germany and Russia in the 20th century, can have on millions of people. It exposes young minds to important and international questions of leadership and loyalties, thus allowing students to obtain broader opinions of leadership that ministers of countries around the world formulate today. Besides, who doesn't want to read about talking pigs? Animal Farm is as fun and interesting as much as it is informative!

More AF Benefits

Beyond the insightful thinking that Animal Farm provokes in its young readers, this book:

-is already seen as an important unit by itself in literature classes across the nation

-is a short and undaunting read

-is also in the form of a movie

-may be enjoyed even if all the symbolism is not understood

-has many good moral lessons

Support Animal Farm!

We are a group of concerned parents who believe it is necessary that Animal Farm remain on the school's list of required or recommended reads for the good of our students' educational development. Stand up for Animal Farm and your child's literary education and knowledge of world history will benefit immensely!