Franklin House

Week of Jan. 20th

English Language Arts

Miss Warnke: In class this week we will be starting to discuss the format and guidelines for a research paper. We will continue reading our lit circle books; our group discussions will be on Tuesday. We will also be reviewing point of view and the purpose of using different points of view in our writing. J

Mrs. Allen: We will be working hard on our Name Research Projects. Students will be writing the body of their papers this week. Please ask to see their writing and help with any spelling, punctuation, etc. This week we will also be working on Teenbiz (2 lessons) and Moby Max. These websites provide practice for language and reading skills.

Ms. Naze: Students are revising their research paper and adding their conclusion. It would be great if you could look it over with them to check content and editing. Two lessons need to be completed in TeenBiz and we are doing 10 min daily of Moby Max for grammar practice.


Math 4: We will continue to work in unit 5 which covers algebraic concepts. This week we will be working with writing algebraic equations, combining like terms, and using different strategies to solve for the value of variables.

Math 7, 8: We will continue to work on surface area of prisms and pyramids. We will finish the short unit this week, review on Monday and test on Tuesday of next week.


We will be starting Chapter 4, the last chapter in our Astronomy unit. Students will start to explore the planets, moons, and other small bodies that make up our solar system. We will have a quiz on section 1 on Wednesday.

Social Studies

Students are getting to know the story elements of World War I. We are currently identifying the characters and perspectives, along with events.

Dates for your calendar

Thurs. Jan. 23rd 12:15-3 Semester Celebration

- Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley

- Be sure to have socks on for bowling ($5 sent with permission slip)

Friday Jan. 24th - No School for Students

Tues. Feb. 4th 8:30-3
Science Field trip
- Barlow Planetarium and DePere Cinema

- money for lunch or bag lunch