Presentation Background

How to change the background of your presentation.


You can change the background of a presentation in just four simple steps.

However, if you want to use a custom made background, you will need to get in touch with your campus webmaster who has access to netStart. NetStart is required for you to upload an image on the web, once uploaded, the webmaster can provide you with a link to the image. Rise Vision only accepts links to add backgrounds.

Once you have the link, follow these steps to update your presentation background.

Step 1

Once inside the edit presentation screen, click on the settings button

at the top right of your window.

Big image

Step 2

Select the edit button across from the word background.

Big image

Step 3

Remove any current link in the box next to Background Image URL and add the new link.

*You also have the option of creating a solid color background with no link

by clicking on the color wheel and choosing a color.

Big image

Step 4

Save, Preview and Publish!

Happy Editing!