Keep A Lid On It, Pandora

By Kate McMullian


The genre is a myth. It has Greek gods and goddesses in it.

Author's Purpose

The author's purpose is to entertain.

Point of View

The point of view is first person. One of the main characters is telling the story.


The mood of this story is a combination of three things. The three things are curiosity, happiness, and anger.

Interesting Vocabulary

Delphi- an orical in Greece where a woman is said to predict your future

Immortal- a being, such as a Greek or Roman god, that will never ever die

Sibyl- a mortal woman who is said to tell the future

Mortal- a being, such as you or me, that will eventually die


Zeus tricked Pandora into taking a box full of evil beings. It was during the Ice Age, and took place on Mount Olympus. You see, Zues wanted to look like he was mighty powerful. He also wanted every single God and human to think he was the best. So, he gave Pandora a box. Then, he opened the box and gave it back to Pandora. From then on, nobody ever trusted Pandora again.


Keep A Lid On It, Pandora is a very interesting book. It's one of the best books ever! The book is taking Greek myths and completely turning around the events. For example, the original myth was that Pandora got very curious and opened the " very exciting surprise " box from Zeus. Then, many different evil beings came out and stays in the world for eternity. But, in this story, Pandora didn't do anything wrong. Zeus opened the box, and then blamed Pandora. Totally different, right?! It didn't matter how this book was written, it didn't matter how long this book was, I read this book, and I loved it. Some day, you should read this book too. Trust me, you will love it as much as I did.
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