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What is Civil Engineering all about?

First, let's answer the most crucial question: What is civil engineering? A civil engineer is someone who is responsible for designing and planning a project, and also the building and maintenance of the project. A professional in this field not only needs a high standard of engineering knowledge and qualification, but also administrative and supervisory skills. The planning part a civil engineer's work includes - site investigation, feasibility studies, giving solutions to difficulties and the real designing of structures. Their work has to abide by the guidelines given by the general government authority and get plans approved by the related authority. They also have to work on preparing cost estimates and set construction plans. The construction work involves dealing with clients, architects, government officials, contractors and the supervision of work according to standards. Besides all this, their work also involves continuous maintenance and repairing of the project.

Specializations of engineer:

The specializations in civil engineering add structural, environmental, water resources, construction, Geo-technical, transportation, etc. Civil engineers either work in teams or in coordination with other engineers on most of the projects. They can work as a supervisor of a construction site or in a managerial position or in the design and research. They can also take up teaching in the government services or private concerns. They can even become independent consultants. They use the latest technology like simple and backyard landscaping ideas to build a finest quality home. These landscaping ideas has proven very helpful in the field of construction.