Xavier Floor 2



Hello friends! We're more than halfway through the quarter so great job making it this far.


There are a few programs coming up to keep an eye out for...

Saturday, February 20 10:00 Campion Ballroom Dance Marathon A fundraiser for Seattle Children's Hospital uncompensated care fund. Dance for 16 hours straight Alexa and Cory will be there and we are both great dancers.

Saturday, February 27 12:00 Xavier Lobby LC Brunch Rice Party Come eat rice dishes from around the world. Alexa and Cory will be making Jollof a West African rice dish which is similar to Jambalaya.

Our Lady of 121st Street Is the school play that Alexa will be going to and will have a few tickets let her know if you are interested in attending. We will have more info in the next couple of days.

To the Mountains?? On the 5th of March Sam and Cory have been trying to get vans to go to the Mountains, however, it is difficult for us to get vans so this might get canceled but stay tuned.


TONIGHT @ 7 PM! There will be a building wide game of Assassins! Meet in the lobby if you think you stand a chance! (Spoons provided)

Spring Break

If you are planning on staying over Spring Break you will have to signup on the housing portal there will be an email coming out in the next couple of days with more information.

Minister Bill O'Connel

As many of you know Minister Bill lives on the 3rd floor and is super great! He is also a certified counselor. He is always willing and able to sit down and talk with you all about what is going on in your life. If you want to get in contact with him his email address is oconnelw@seattleu.edu just shoot him an email and you can set up a time to meet.

Class videos

Here are some class videos that Alexa and Cory created in high school.

Alexa's piece is titled Antibiotic Resistance and gives an in-depth look at the dangers of antibiotic resistance and is a very topical piece during the winter when strep throat is so common.

Cory's piece is titled Cinderella and the Decision to tell the Truth. It was written, directed, and the voices were done by Cory Dwight Daniels. It is a response to Marcus Aurelius declaration that one should always tell the truth regardless of the consequences.

Please let us know which one you enjoyed more. Remember the original purpose of these videos were education and entertainment so keep those two factors in mind

Cinderella and the Decision to Tell the Truth
Antibiotic Resistance
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Big image
Big image
We tried to reenact the dance scene from Dirty Dancing. Cory lacks the upper body strength though.

So long

farewell, auf Wiedersehen adieu, adieu to you and you and you.

We hope the quarter is going well and as always let us know if we can do anything to make this quarter great!

Alexa Christine McConville & Cory Dwight Daniels