Native American Masks

Finding out the mystory of Native American Masks

Background history

Masks are worn on the face for protection, disguises, performance or for entertainment reasons. They also can be worn for ceremonial and practical reasons. Native Americans use masks ceremonial, and during gift giving. The Native American masks normally symbolized animals. The materials used to make these masks were made form what materials they had laying around their place of living.

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Mask Styilization

All the masks have a lot of detail and show that the person who was making it took their time to make it. Most of their masks are in the style of an animal or a spirit. The style I would call these types of mask would be strongly spiritual. There is a lot of line, shape and texture to the masks. Those elements of art lead up to movement, balance, contrast and emphasis.

My opinion

I find these masks exceptional. Every mask is really inspired. You can almost tell a story by looking at one. I hope that I could ask one native american how long it took then to make one. I really am inspired by these masks.