Peregrine falcon

' Fastest In The World '

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Type Of Organism

The Peregrine Falcon is from the Animal organism


Peregrines are medium sized raptors with long pointed wings and a long, narrow tail. Adults have blue-gray to brown-gray upperparts and barred belly and legs. Underparts vary from bright white to buff. Young birds have dark brown upperparts, a buffy breast and belly, and dark, vertical streaking across the breast and belly.


The Peregrine Falcon feeds exclusively on birds, from small species weighing 10 grams and sometimes up to birds of two kilos in weight, that is, more than double the weight of a female!

Peregrine falcons eat other birds such as songbirds and ducks, as well as bats. They catch their prey in mid-air.


Peregrine Falcons live in a wide variety of landscapes and vegetation types on all continents with the exception of Antarctica and New Zealand.


The speed of a peregrine has been said to reach 281 kilometres per hour or more.

Experiments conducted by scientists put the birds diving speed at approximately 321 kilometres per hour and level flight at approximately 99 kilometres per hour.

Peregrines dont build nests. They usually just find a shallow dip in some rocks or scrape a depression in the soil on the ledge of a cliff, or even use the ledge of a building.


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