sponge world

were there is freedom on every street

how government is formed

there is a group that are the leaders and they will be in charge at first and when one dies another gose in there spot. in order to be apart of the leaders you have to hve gone to law school no chrimanal history.

hough gets to be in government

anyone can be in government exxapt the anyone under the age of 30. they are chosen when one of the people in government have left or have retired then there will be an election anyone can vote over age 19.


  1. be safe
  2. be respectful
  3. no murder
  4. be responseble
  5. licsense to own a gun
  6. licsence to have a gun on


everyone will pay if not pore pays taxes 7%. then the taxes will go to collectors and they will only use the money to improve the contry not for themselves and it will go to building wweopons and geting more inprovment to the military.
the imigrants will be taken and put in a shelter intel eather they can get a job or money food stamps will be given to them each month they will eather go to a nother country or if we have room we will get them put in a shelter.
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freedom of speach, to bare arms,the right to have rights.