Red oak tree facts

facts about my red oak tree

Common name: red oak

Growth rate: 2 feet per year and grows to be 60 to 75 feet tall and 30 to 45 feet wide.

Climate grows best: Texas , Oklahoma , Kansas and states north of Kansas straight up.

Life span: 200 to 400 years old

Discription of leafs : these leaves have pointed lobes and more than one lobe, they are dark green in the summer and in the fall are red/Orange the leaf is around 10 to 25 cm long and 8 to 12 cm wide they do not produce fruit but they do produce acorns.

reproduction method: this tree drops a corns and they are seeds once the have sunk down in the soil they soon grow a new tree.

what would i need to grow any tree in my yard?

you will first need some soil to plant a seed after the seed has been planted you will need water and sun light. my tree grows best in warmer states but will grow just about any where north of texas.

what depends on this tree?

birds depend on this tree for shelter squirrels depend on this tree for food and we depend on it for lumber.

this tree will not have much effect on tms but there are few birds or other animals that depend on this tree.

what abiotic factors does it need?

it does not depend on abiotic factors to survive