Wildcat Week in Review

A Weekly Content Newsletter

March 24, 2023



What is the Wildcat Week in the Review?

The Wildcat Week in Review is a weekly content newsletter that showcases some of the learning opportunities that are happening at Lincolnton Middle School. Each week we will highlight a different content area, alternating between core and elective classes.

6th Grade ELA

6th grade students are continuing a novel study on The Unteachables by Gordon Korman.
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7th Grade ELA

7th grade students are interperting the book Ribbons, written by Laurence Yep.
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8th Grade ELA

8th grade students are reading a persuasive essay titled "The Women or The Tiger".
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Literature Studies

Ms. Olach's students are making a presentation on a book they have read.
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Advanced ELA

In Mrs. White's classes 6th graders are studying the plot elements of a story, 7th grade is reading The Diary of Anne Frank and 8th grade is using figurative language to write insults for the main character in the story they have been reading.
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