Red Blood Cell

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  • Donut shaped disc with a flat center
  • Can easily change shape to fit through blood vessels, very flexible
  • Red
  • About 6 microns long
  • Will contain no nucleus
  • Will be seen carrying hemoglobin
  • Protected by an outside force of lipids and proteins

Last Known Location

Last seen traveling throughout your bloodstream.

Criminal Behavior

Has been carrying oxygen throughout your body and delivering carbon dioxide to the lungs for exhalation. Also will give you your normal skin color and has been taking up 40-45% of your blood content.

Known Associates

May be working with a white blood cell or platelet. They work in similar neighborhoods and float around in plasma.


Originally from bone marrow. Started out as a hemocytoblast and then an erythroblast but lost its nucleus and mitochondria to become a reticulocyte; the beginning of its criminal lifestyle. Lost its nucleus to store more hemoglobin to transport more oxygen.


Hurry! We want to catch it before it dies in 120 days! Also, look carefully since there's 4-6 million of its type in one cubic millimeter of blood.

Reward: $2400