Team Hoot N Holla

March 2014

The Happenings

Oh My! Can you believe our SPRING TOM is here? I hope it brings the 60-70 degree weather with it! Monday, March 17th is the official launch date. SHARE WITH EVERYONE!

O2 Partners with CHILDHELP, an organization dedicated to transforming and saving the most innocent, vulnerable and often voiceless lives. They help prevent child abuse, neglect and all forms of bullying. When checking out our new TOMS you will find two new charms CH12015 (Silver Hear Hand) and CH2016 (Bully Proof Shield). 100% of O2's profit will go towards the Childhelp Speak Up Be Safe Program.

---This is a great selling point at your parties but even bigger it is a great way to impact the lives of others that can't always ask for help themselves---

Other new items in the TOM:

  • Charms, charms and more charms! Even a new catagory...OUTDOORS!
  • Chains- multi-layer chain in SILVER, black toggle chain, 20" toggle chains, rose gold box chain, locket extender in rose gold, rose gold 18-20" rolo
  • CHAIN EXTENDERS- this will add up to 4.5" to your chain- available in all finishes!
  • EARRINGS! O2 Hoop with 7 different drops to choose from, Owl Studs, Cushion cut drop earrings, CZ Studs that you can add a PAVE HEXAGON HALO to making them oh so irresistible!
  • Dangle and Link Locket bracelet in Rose Gold!
  • Silver twist locket with pink crystals!
  • Rose Gold window plates
  • 3 new heart plates
  • CRYSTAL CLASP- a must for those thin chains- adds a real nice touch separating the locket from the chain a bit more.
  • Forever Family, Best Friends, I <3 You, Follow Your Heart, Grace, Hope, and Pray Plates in silver, gold and rose gold
  • New dangles- too many to list BUT know that the new crystal design and the new tear drops are total custom to O2!

BE SURE TO TAKE THE TIME TO LOOK THROUGH YOUR NEW TOM! Didn't order the new ones sure to get online and go through each category and check the items out.

Since The Last Newsletter

I have tried to touch base with all of you on a more regular basis- some of you ladies are harder to connect with. I really need your help to connect- Please let me know when and how works for you. We all have busy schedules and need check ins at different times so lets get it down on our schedules!

Unfortunately no one has earned the January-February Team Challenge so I have decided to revisit how our team incentives are done. I posted a new one tonight on the Hoot N Holla FB page but if you missed it:

'Okay so I am in an awesome mood! Team incentive for April- $500 in PV and you get a lovely name badge (with your name of course- but wouldn't we all love Bella's paycheck?). $1000 in PV and you get the name badge and small linen bust! So who's in???? This would be a great time to do a booking blitz and get your friends and family excited about the new catalog that starts Monday!'

Are you doing your Business Must Dos?

  • Logging into back office to check product availability on a daily basis
  • Watching the Monday/Thursday webinars in a timely manner to make sure you are in the know
  • Using the pre-made lists in back office for host coaching, party summaries and other check lists
  • Keeping track of your daily, weekly and monthly expenses
  • Using a schedule for your social medial posts

Hoot N Holla Team Meeting @ Perkins

Tuesday, March 25th 2014 at 6pm

2500 E Market St

York, PA

We will start promptly at 6pm (I will not be waiting to start the meeting like last time as we have a full meeting planned).

Please bring with you:

NEW TOM if you have one (hopefully you do!)

Your Calendar

Please leave in your purse:

YOUR PHONE- this will be a phone free meeting. Of course you can have it on you but please no texting, calls or using your phone at the meeting. Plan to be there for 1 hour!

I will order an appetizer or two but drinks and other meals are up to you and please remember to tip the waitress.

Also let me know if you have an potential recruits coming with you.