Tech Treasures on Tuesdays

vol. 4

You have survived...

For those of you who have always used outlook and never had a Gmail type have now survived a week with a Google email account. Smile and Breathe....

Now on to learning how to use that Google account and integrating that into Canvas. I apologize for not getting a newsletter out last week. Every time I went to finish it up, a new link would come through for Canvas or Google. So I decided to wait until I could compile everything to share with you at once. Questions let me know. Some of you were asking for some detailed directions for Canvas things Friday, send me an email about those as well and I will get them to you. Have a great week!

Rita Pierson: Every kid needs a champion

Watch the video...

I love Ted Talks...and this is one of my favorites. This year has already thrown a lot your way, but remember why we do what we do. In the end, every kid needs someone in their corner and it's why we are here.


  • Remember anything that allows you to log in with a Google log in, will now accept your network log in. (Less passwords to remember)
  • Symbaloo updated with A LOT of new links:
  • There is a drop down arrow at the top of the Gmail search bar. This will let you to search for an email by a specific sender.
  • According to computer services, distribution lists are still supposed to transfer over.
  • Those of you that have PST folders (folders stored off of the server in Outlook Email). I'll be working on the steps to transfer those this week and will send those out to you.