Las Noticias de Marzo

Por Sam Fritz y Alec Mitkov

¿Qué pasa en la clase de Español IV?

in Spanish 4, we are currently working on the use of the various applications of the subjunctive tenses. Beyond practicing the original uses for subjunctive, especially WEIRDO uses(Wishes/Wants,Emotions, Interpersonal Expressions, Recommendations, Doubt/Denial, and Ojala), we integrate the past imperfect tense with subjunctive. We also apply these skills to discuss and offer advice, as well as discussing "Para Ser Feliz" (How to be Happy)

Foreign Language Week

During Foreign Language Week we were given the opportunity to gain bonus points towards our grade through a number of different tasks. For example, one of the tasks was to learn a spanish dance and perform it in the middle of class. Another was to go to a spanish restaurant and order in spanish and to bring back a signed note from our server with proof.

Nuevo Ano, Nuevo Yo Interpersonal Assesment

To complete our Nuevo Ano, Nuevo Yo unit we were assigned a project to create a business product which would make the people of a Latin American country happier. We worked in groups in order to share the large workload and produce a comprehensive presentation. We then had to present our idea in front of the class and students who were not presenting had to come up with questions in response to the presentations they were observing. This made sure everyone was participating.

New Argentinian President

The new president of Argentina, Mairicio Macri is in the process of reversing the socialist reforms his predecessor, Néstor Kirchner had put in place. He's working on bettering relations with the western world and increasing his countries attractiveness to big business which it so desperately needs. He also is working on getting rid of government corruption and reduce inflation.