Weekly Update

October 4, 2020

Principal's News

I hope everyone is have a relaxing weekend. Please check out the information below about MAP testing, final picture day, school counselor news, and more. Thank you for all of your feedback, praise, and suggestions.

Eric Stewart

MAP Testing Reminder

On the morning of Monday, Oct 5, please have your child log into his/her Advisory/Hive Time Google Meet by 8:45. Testing will start at 9:00 once staff have worked with kids in accessing the correct testing site and issuing test sessions and test codes.

For MAP questions, contact Patrick D. White, Assistant Principal, (patrick.white@lcps.org)

MAP Test Back Up plan

If your child gets kicked out of the MAP testing session, ask them to return to the open Meet to let the teacher know (either out loud or through the chat). They need to know their English teacher and then send us an email to get them logged in again. They cannot restart or "unpause" their own test -- they need to go through the teacher. English teachers will send you a return email when it is time to have the student try to log in again. The process may take a couple of minutes, so please warn students to be patient.

A Message from the Harmony School Counselors

1) We recognize stress and fatigue can be high during this time of distance learning. If you feel like you might be in need of mental health services for either you or your child, please visit the Harmony Unified Mental Health team webpage at https://www.lcps.org/Page/234514. You can also watch our brief video and visit our virtual calm down room for ideas to de-stress.

2) Please see the following link in order to register your student for the Step Up Loudoun Youth Competition http://www.loudounyouth.org/programs/step-up/. This competition empowers students to make meaningful contributions to their community and to the world around them by identifying an issue in their community, creating a plan that addresses the situation, and then implementing that plan. There are prizes for winners and the possibility for national recognition of leadership!

3) Lastly, if your 8th grader is interested in the Academies of Loudoun, the admissions portal is now open until October 23rd, at noon. If your child is interested, please contact Mrs. Pierson or Mr. Pecoraro for additional resources at christy.pierson@lcps.org or Bryan.Pecoraro@lcps.org.

Thank you!

Yearbook News

For clarification:

Our OLD yearbook company was Jostens. Out NEW yearbook company is Herff Jones.

Our long time picture taking company is Lifetouch (but they don’t make the yearbook for us)

Contact staff members, rachel.martin@lcps.org or kelly.mcgrath@lcps.org for questions about our Yearbook.

Final Picture Day

We have Lifetouch Studios here for the final time October 5 (11:30 AM to 4 PM) to take pictures of our students for the Yearbook. ANYONE from Harmony may show up between those hours to have their picture taken.

See this flier for additional details.

Please complete this LCPS health survey before arriving.

  • Random temperature checks will be taken.
  • Students must wear a mask while they are in the building but can take it off for their picture time.
  • Students will enter and be asked to stand at assigned cones to maintain social distancing.

LCPS Attendance for Monday

Secondary School Monday Attendance Check will be discontinued

from LCPS Attendance Office...

"The Monday attendance check at the secondary level, that was completed on September 14, 21, and 28 will be discontinued. On behalf of the Attendance Office and DDI, we appreciate your assistance in capturing accurate attendance/enrollment data for the month of September. We will no longer use Permission Click to track attendance on Asynchronous Mondays.

Students will automatically be counted present on Asynchronous Mondays and should submit work on their AA or BB day (if required) to continue to be counted present for Monday."