Who discovered America?

Chief Howling Wind

I believe that Chief Howling Wind deserves credit for discovering America. He was there first. He got to the island either 10,000 years ago to even 50,000 years ago. He also saw all of the other people step onto the island. Then, he came over to what we now call 'America' with a bunch of Native Americans and if Columbus didn't know that the Native Americans were there, then how would he know to go there and get gold?

Who does NOT deserve credit

Christopher Columbus

Columbus does not deserve credit because obviously saw that were other people on the island and told them to get gold for him for the Queen and King. So I mean, like common sense.


Hoei-Shin should not get credit because he was there in I believe around 495 AD and that is 1542 after Chief Howling Wind was on the island.

Leif Ericsson

Leif shouldn't get credit because he bought the ship from Bjarni Herjulfsson and REcreated the journey. So, if I didn't believe that Chief Howling Wind discovered America first, Leif Ericsson definitely would not be my next choice