The Public Education Advantage

Public vs Private Schooling

Higher Performance Scores

Higher Math and Reading Achievement

-NAEP Report confirms

-Teachers' positive contributions

-Advanced instructional approach, up to date teaching skills, concepts, and reasoning


-Required in-service training




-Teaching methodology

-More efficient and small student-teacher ratio


Lunch Programs

-Follow required federal lunch programs

-Provide students with free and reduced lunch programs

-Students receive nutritional benefits from national standards that private schools do not obtain


Special Education

-Adequate staff, fully equipped to aid special needs

-Legal obligation to provide service

-Free of charge special education programs

*some private-public agreements

-Disabilities never turned away


Cost Efficiency

-Few recipients of private federal vouchers

-No tuition as in private schools

-Included in taxes


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Student Benefits

-No parental influence

-Diverse student body, socially and economically

-All students equal

-Private schools create a gap in society


-Education needs of student

-Student desire for curriculum taken accounted for, not parents

-Prepare an "Educated Citizenry"

-A better, safer education

-False class size belief in private schools, public actually has smaller class sizes


-Higher enrollment than private schools

-Constant growth, more construction on public schools

-Reward for achievement

-Admittance not based on merit

-Better facilities such as libraries, playgrounds, furniture, and labs


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