This Is Me, Abbey Ivey

" Hello my name is child of the one true king."

Who I am

My interest are helping others, singing, basketball, babysitting, and photagraphy. I enjoy spending time with my friends, being involved in the church, and shooting hoops. My values are religion, purity, fmaily, and friends. I am a interpersonal learner. This kind of learner thrives on social interaction and enjoys teaching others and sharing their thoughts. One of my skills is helping people I have more but this is one that is important to me. My self-esteem is well balneced and realstic sense of self-esteem. These things should be considered when choosing your carreer because your carreer will be a big part of your life and it will make u part of you. You should find a job that fits your Values and skills and will satisfy your self-esteem level.

Where Am I Going?

My carreer as a preschool or nursery director at a church. I would monitor students, set up programs, work with pearents, determine supplies needed for the week, and many more tasks. The Median wage for this job in 2012 was $43,950. The job outlook is great growing 20% to 28% at faster than average. This carreer is in the education and training cluster. If I persued this job i would work full time at over 40 hours a week. This job is placed in the work enviroment of a church. Somthing that is also important in this job is good leadership skills. I would like this job because, I love children and i could use my creativity in making activitys and things like music time.

How Do I get there?

The collage I would ike to attend is Oklahoma Baptist University in Shawnee, Oklahoma. I would like to go there because, my pearents went thier, it is in the same town were my grandmother lives, it is a baptist collage, and it has a good education caurse for my major. The degree I would need for this carreer is a bachlors degree in early childhood education. Some scholar ships I would like to apply for and hopefully recieve are the Allen acedimic scholarship, varsity athletic scholarship, and the freshman universty shcolarship. The cost per a year at Oklahoma Baptist Universty is $29,320.

This Is Me