Wind energy

~it all starts with a gust~

How does it work?

Wind energy works by having wind turbines,Wind turbines are a type of energy source they have sharp edges witch is a called rotor, a rotor is an object is where ,when the wind catches the the rotor blades than it moves so that it produces energy.Wind turbines converts the kinetic energy in the wind into a michanical power.This michanical power can be used for different reasons like grinding grain and pumping water.


The advantages of wing energy is that it is a renewable resource ,it has different size ranges and it is cheaper than most energy resources. Wind turbines do not cause green houses or gasses in .


The dis-advantages of wing energy is that they sometimes they do not produce the same energy,also they are noisy and may disturb others around you.

Where is it used?

~Wind energy is found in these few places~









~And many more places~