My Digital foot print

Digital foot print

Before I was born

Before I was born my digital footprint starts here. My parents would post things about me shuch as they're having a new baby. They can also Email it their relatives. Hospitals can make a folder of the ultra sound. so that where it all begins.

Growing up

At this stage I will be old enough to use the web on my own. I am old enough to use the web for things like research, programs for schools and comunication. These things will usually require you to sign up so they will keep information about my self like how old I am, my email and school programs will know what school I go to. Therefore, I have left a digital foot print.

Social media programs that I use

What I Think About my Digital Dissier

Will people still be posting about me ?

People will be posting abut you even if you don't post any more. When my life ends people will be posting pictures of your grave and loved ones will be posting how much they miss you and they might post pictures of their memories with you. I think that is really crazy because I that if you don't post anything the everyone will stop posting bout you but it turns out that's not true.