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Why Posture is Important

Pain starts young

According to a new study conducted by researchers at Boston University about laptop use and discomfort levels published in the journal Ergonomics earlier this month, more than 50 percent of university students said they already experience pain attributed to the computer. Meanwhile, one in seven said they experienced pain after working on a computer for just one hour.

Professor Straker's studies have shown one in five Australian children have reported computer-related soreness. One in four of them had to limit their activities and one in 10 took pain medication.

Neck, Back, Wrists!

Exercise Your Whole Body

Some research suggests that kids and adults who are more active are less likely to suffer from pain due to technology use than those who do not get regular exercise , said Robin Gillespie, an ergonomist and consultant at RM Consulting.

... tech users should think of themselves like athletes each time they use a computer or tech device.

"A soccer player would never go on the field without warming up or cooling down," Jacobs told TechNewsDaily. "People need to approach technology in the same way."

Getting up from a computer and walking around every 20 to 30 minutes is a good start, but people should also be doing daily stretches to prevent these physical complications.

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iPad generation of children and teenagers suffer RSI and strains due to time playing tablets and iPhones

Young "tech toy" users are complaining of repetitive strain injuries to thumbs, wrists and elbows, stiff necks, headaches and sore shoulders, according to medical experts.

The Best No-Pain Laptop Position

Texting May Be Taking a Toll

The phenomenon is beginning to worry physicians and psychologists, who say it is leading to anxiety, distraction in school, falling grades, repetitive stress injury and sleep deprivation.

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Stretches Help!