The Six Rights of Consumers

By: Makenize Roling

1. Be Informed

This right states that businesses should always provide consumers with enough appropriate information to make smart and informed product choices. You can't have fraud or misleading advertising, labels, and more. Let's say you get a phone call saying "you've won a cruise to Jamica" we will need 1,000 dollars and your credit card number. That is most likely a fraud phone call/advertising. The person who called you could get arrested as well.
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2. Choose

The right to have the company or store your at to have a variety of options to choose. For example, if you go to a grocery store and they don't have the item you are looking for they can check with there company and other stores to provide the supplies needed. Also, stores agree on prices of each product, like HyVee and Walmart probably agree on similar prices for all of their groceries.
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3. Be Heard

The right to add complains and concerns to a company's product, so they can respond and makek it better. For example, Let's say you took a trip to McDonalds and they give you a burger instead of a wrap. You should complain to get the right meal, especially if they do it again. If you complain they will probably make your order right and possibly give you a free meal.
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4. Education

To have knowledge and skills needed to make informed, confident choices about goods and services, while being aware of basic consumer rights and responsibilities and how to act on them. Have you ever compared labels of similar products at a store? If so, that is an example of the right to education.

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5. Service

The right to service is the right to be able to buy your goods in an respectful environment. For example, if somebody is on the cell phone with a personal call and tells you to wait at the store if you have a question they are not following this right.
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6. Safety

The right to safety is to be protected against dangerous products, labels, automobiles, and more. There are certain requirements for these things like taste testing. For example, many engineers are testing cars that you don't need to steer with, so nobody gets in a car accident or is in high risk of danger.
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