The economy of the internet as told by Staci Maule

Are apples stopping revenue?

iOS9 is the first software system to enable ad-blocking apps to be utilized. From a customers view its wonderful; ad free candy crush is a hoot! Although, on a business stance its horrible, they are loosing millions of dollars in revenue.

Facebook makes how much on me clicking an ad?

Facebook generates 76% of its revenue from users clicking on ads, that is crazy right? Well, it is the reason facebook is a free social platform. So in the great debate if ads are worth the annoyance or not please keep in mind they are keeping you from paying a monthy fee.

The horrible truth about ads

Although many ads are just plain annoying some come as a threat, ad fraud has cost marketers $11 billion dollars in 2014 alone. Sadly, even though there are countless online agencies trying to stop this plague it seems to be incurable, its estimated that 50% of ads are "bot" curated, meaning there is not a real cause just a virus or a scam behind the ad.

Free cannot exist

Similar to many school lunch policies "free" is never actually free all because you do not pay for it does not mean nobody is paying. Ad's generate about one third of the internet's revenue and without ads somebody will have to pay and that person is you, I am not just talking about facebook anymore but google and every other site you visit. Ad blocking might lead to "micro payments" where you pay to read an article.

It's got me too

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As I was trying to generate information for this, I ran into a Microsoft ad before I could even read the article. I will to admit for the countless times i complained about annoying ads but I have to admit it would be much worse if I had to enter credit card information and pay.