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May 11, 2021

"Beware of doom and gloom reports. Looking at evidence of what went right could help schools break free of long-stifling practices."

I've always been a big fan of John Hattie, and have attended several webinars with him this year (as well as Doug Fisher and Nancy Frey). In this ASCD article in this month's Education Leadership, he shares some worthwhile observations. Without recognizing his name, you may have heard of his work in the context of "Visible Learning." This piece could be very useful for staff reflection and planning for next year.

Grant Assistance for Native American-Related Field Trips

A grant in the amount of $250 was created by the Indiana Native American Indian Affairs Commission for the purpose of providing teachers an opportunity to educate their students about the rich Native American history found in Indiana, the “Land of the Indians.” The application gives several suggestions for locations, but is not strictly limited to those. Find the requirements and application here. (Must be submitted 60 days before proposed trip.)


The Cicada Safari website has added many useful links and ideas. Here is a current map of cicada sightings in Indiana (using the mobile app). It could be fun to help students add their sightings to the map (photo required). Once you know they are in your area, it would be a good reason to go outside!

Here is an additional article from the Chicago Sun Times that talks about "trillions of cicadas" that are about to emerge.

End-of-Year Learning Can Be Meaningful & Fun!

This 2016 post from MiddleWeb by Elyse S. Scott has many great ideas to engage students and help them reflect on a year like none other. Activities include such things as "Deja Vu Events," "The Best of Me," and "A Year's Worth of News." While Scott is a retired ELA teacher, many of these activities could be used in advisory.

Dollar General Literacy Foundation Grants

Dollar General gives many different types of grants. The summer reading deadline has passed, but schools also qualify for Youth Literacy Grants. The deadline to apply is May 20.

You can find the info and link to the application here. The grant is worth up to $4000, and they give a LOT of them (over 20 in Indiana last year, many of them schools).

Unified Champions Expands Curriculum

Previously we have mentioned the Unified Classroom lessons available through Special Olympics. They continue to add at least one lesson per month, and there is a bonus package for the month of May. The "Understanding Disabilities" package has been dropped alongside "Appreciation". This will start as a mini-package, with one short Unified Talk and one lesson per grade level all along the topic of "What is ID?" Check it out here, and in the Unified Classroom at The middle school materials on Understanding ID can be found here. There are many resources to explore!

Learning Opportunities (all times EDT, Free Unless Noted)

May 11: AMLE Webinar-Introducing Schools of Distinction, 6 pm

May 12: NJAMLE Webinar, "Help Learners with Disabilities during Remote Learning," 4 pm

May 12: PAMLE Webinar- What Have We Learned: What Do We Keep, Change, & Throw Away? 7 pm

May 17: KIL Spring Speaker Series, Adam Saenz, "The Power of a Teacher" 4:30 pm

May 17: KIL-Culturally Responsive Pedagogy with Dr. Denisha Murff, 4:30 pm

May 19: KIL-Starting a Makerspace: Plainfield MS & How They Use Design Thinking/PBL (Part 1), 4:30 pm

May 20: Dollar General Grant Application Due

May 20: First Deadline for Student Hindsight 20/21 Projects

May 20: AMLE Webinar-A Virtual Approach to Social & Emotional Learning, 4:30 pm

May 26: KIL Makerspace (Part 2), 4:30

June 29-30: Keep Indiana Learning Summer Conference


Keep Indiana Learning Live Events, Archived Events

Indiana eLearning Lab. Must log in to see workshop topics. This week's live sessions: Collaborative Engagement with Google Forms & Communication Organization: Our Top Inbox Tips

PATINS Trainings for Accessibility for All

Corwin Monday Afternoon Webinar Series

Leslie Fisher Webinars

Teachers First/OK2Ask Virtual Workshops

AMLE Podcast Series

Summer CS & STEM Ops Collected by DOE

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INSPIRE3 philanthropy education and service-learning projects are available on our website as well as IASP. You can also go direction to Learning to Give for current ideas, including standards-based lessons.

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