Monday Message


It's amazing how much activity gets thrown in at schools this time of year. Because there is so much going on, it's easy to get lost in the craziness without stopping to breathe. Often we talk about just keeping our heads down and getting through to the end of June. I'd be lying to you if I didn't admit that I am also inclined to do this. However, I wanted to share my experience with our Blue 8 team on the inaugural 8th grade trip last Friday. I was reminded how important it is to be in the moment, and it was AWESOME! So awesome, in fact, that I might have to find a way to show up when Red 8 takes their trip this Friday.

After being peer pressured (in a positive way of course) not only by Kathleen Skellie and one of the guides at Adirondack Extreme, but also by a group of students, I reluctantly agreed to participate in the "hesitant" climbing group. I had no intention of walking my large body mass across suspiciously hanging wooden platforms, trapeze-like swings, and zip lines 20 - 30 feet in the air, but I am so glad my mind was changed for me. The high ropes course forces you to concentrate on what is happening right now with little opportunity to think about what's happening everywhere else. It also creates an inherent team-building environment where you want to help each other get through safely. I also have a greater appreciation for physics AND my own ability to take measured risks when my perceived well-being depends on it (Yes I know I was harnessed in the entire time, but rational thought easily escapes when you're up in a tree). It was wonderful to be right there with the kids as we supported and laughed with each other. What a great way to end the week!

Check out the pictures below from our day, and don't forget to take some time this week to do something that forces you to just be in the moment. You'll be happy you did, and I promise you don't have to climb a tree to do it! Your end-of-the-school-year brain will thank you.

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Calendar (AKA Where Will Tim Be This Week?)

There's quite a bit packed in this week!

Monday, June 13th:

  • SchoolTool Unlock Quarter 4/Final Averages
  • HSA September Planning Meeting, 6:30 PM, Library

Tuesday, June 14th:

  • 7th Grade Awards Night, 7:00 PM, LGI

Wednesday, June 15th:

  • 6th Grade Locker Clean-out (everything must go) - Homeroom extended 5 minutes
  • Living Environment Regents Exam, 8:00 AM, LGI
  • X-Factor BBQ, 2:15 PM, Baseball Field

Thursday, June 16th:

  • 7th Grade Locker Clean-out (everything must go) - Homeroom extended 5 minutes
  • Algebra Common Core Regents Exam, 8:00 AM, LGI
  • MS ITL Meeting, 2:30 PM, Main Office Conference Room
  • District Retirement Party, 5:00 PM,

Friday, June 17th:

  • 8th Grade Locker Clean-out (everything must go) - Homeroom extended 5 minutes
  • Red 7 Field Day - No Parking in the Lower Staff Lot
  • 6th Grade Great Escape Field Trip
  • Red 8 Field Trip to Adirondack Extreme, 8:00 AM Departure/Return for Dismissal

Upcoming Dates:

6/20 - LOTE FLACS Testing

6/21 - Moving-Up Ceremony Rehearsal, OWWMS Gym (Time TBA)

6/22 - Moving-Up Ceremony @ SHS

6/23 - Grades Due, Closeout Procedures, Staff Breakfast, District Celebration

Talking About The News

Once again we are faced with the potential of having to answer hard questions from our students about violence in our country. While they may outwardly appear to be "business as usual", some may be struggling to make sense of the most recent mass shooting in Orlando. The link below gives some great tips on how to talk to kids of different ages about difficult current events.


Summertime is a great time to grow your online Professional Learning Network!

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