Basic First Aid

for children

When getting ready to perform first aid, first you must check for responsiveness by tapping the shoulder and shouting "Are you OK?" With an infant, you could also flick the bottom of the foot. If you are alone, give about two minutes of care and then call 911. If you are not alone, at that point, if there is no response, call 911. Check the person from head to toe to try to find out what happened and open the airway by tilting the head and lifting the chin. Check for breathing for no more than 10 seconds and quickly scan for severe bleeding. If the child/infant is not breathing perform CPR and chest compression until help arrives. If the victim is breathing, maintain an open airway and give care based on conditions found.

Always check the scene and the injured/ill child or infant, have someone call 911 and get consent.

What to do:

MORE: poison or seizure

If a person was poisoned, call 911 or the poison control hotline. Provide care based on the conditions apparent.

If the child or infant is undergoing a seizure it is important to remove nearby objects and no not hold or restrain the child or infant. Be sure to call 911 or have someone call 911. Also do not place anything between the teeth or the mouth. Place a cushion or something to prevent the child from injuring themselves if needed. After the seizure passes monitor their breathing and comfort and reassure the child or infant.