For first years

Letter from the headmaster

Dear Hogwarts Student,

Hogwarts will be new to you and you don't know anything about it. That's why we have included this brochure with your acceptance letter and supply list. This brochure will tell you some of the things about Hogwarts including: some of the prospectives of some of the students and staff who go to Hogwarts, some of the places around Hogwarts and some of the classes you will be taking. I hope that your first year at Hogwarts is a fantastic one.


Headmaster Albus Dumbledore

Point of view from Hagrid and Harry

Hagrid The Game Keeper and Keeper Of Keys

Hello, I'm Hagrid! I love Hogwarts it's my home,

I've never left it. I think that mr Dumbldore is the

best! I love having tea with the students and living

so close to the forbidden forest.


Harry Potter

Hi, I'm Harry! I love going to Hogwarts

even though the classes can get tricky

sometimes. I think Dumbldore is a great

headmaster. I like to hang out in the

Gryffindor common room. -Harry

Places around Hogwarts

The Forbidden Forest

The forbidden forest is obviously is FORBIDDEN!

Students who break the rules will be sent

into the forest with Hagrid. Don't break the rules!

The Quidditch Pitch

The Quidditch pitch is where there will be

Quidditch games against different houses.

The pitch is also where you will learn how

to fly with madam hooch.

Two of your classes

•Potions with professor Snape

•Transfiguration with professor McGonagall

Those are only two

We here at Hogwarts are very eager to start teaching you! Have a great first year!