How different people demonstrate Determination

By: Megan Engstrom

Determination in different ways

My brother and I are alike in many ways but are different in many others. My brother and I both love sports and are big Bears and Blackhawks fans. We are 3 years apart in school and get along for the most part. I am Megan Engstrom and my brother Scott and I have differing opinions about school. I am very determined to get good grades and to do well in school but he on the other hand is not. For example I was very determined to get a good grade on my tier two word test while my brother doesn’t care about studying for his spelling test and because of that he lost all of his electronics until he puts effort into studying. As you can tell I care about my education and getting good grades while my brother is being a typical 3rd grader and doesn’t care. I am very determined to go forward and he is very determined to go backward in his education. I’m very determined especially in school and in my everyday actions.

Conner and Cayden Long

Conner and Cayden Long are two brothers and race in triathlons together. Conner is a regular 9 year old boy but his brother Cayden was born with Cerebral Palsy and he is unable to walk and talk. Conner hated seeing his little brother sitting on the sideline and wanted to get him involved. "There are some challenges,” their mom said. “But Cayden is always included; if they go to the roller rink, Cayden rolls along. As you can see Conner is extremely determined to Cayden involved in everyday activities. Cayden may be disabled but that doesn't stop Conner from coming up with a way to get him involved and that is determination. When Conner and Cayden do a triathlon Conner pushes Cayden while running and pulls him while swimming and biking. Conner and Cayden have won attention for their sportsmanship and brotherly love. They have entered more than a dozen triathlons together and love it.


Determination means firmness of purpose; resoluteness and is a synonym of perseverance. Determination is something to push me through no matter what and accomplish something. The following are responses when I asked my peers what determination means. Maleah stated "it is where you set a goal and try your hardest to achieve it". Natalia said it means "persistent effort to achieve your goals". When I asked Ellie what determination means to her and she replied with "it means you are going to achieve your goal despite any obstacles in your way". Lastly Toby added "not giving up on your goals". Determination means different things to different people and it helps people understand what the true meaning is.
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The Smallest Dragonboy

In “The Smallest Dragonboy” Keevan is bullied by Beterli and he is very determined to be better then him. Keevan is the smallest dragon rider and will be going to his first impression if he makes it that far. In the text it states “No one had said he couldn’t go to the impression. You are and you aren’t were Mende’s exact words.”(McCaffrey pg 261). This shows determination because Keevan is in the Impression and he isn’t in it and he is determined to be in no matter what happens. Determination got Keevan a long way even with a broken leg and a cracked skull. In the end Keevan got to ride on a bronze dragon because of his determination.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt had a very hard childhood with both of her parents passing away while she was young. Eleanor was 8 when her mother, brother, and father passed away all within 18 months. She was determined to carry through life and to make the past of a bad situation. Just before turned 15 her grandma sent her to boarding school in England and even though she hated it she was determined to get through it and get a good education. Roosevelt was still determined when she was an adult like when the United States went into World War I she was determined to make life better for the soldiers that fought in the war. Overtime Eleanor Roosevelt's determination had made a big impact on other people and has shown other people how determination can impact others.


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