Glow Up Your Grades!

You have 5 weeks to raise your grades!

Dear Desert Hot Springs Students,

You are being challenged to GLOW UP and raise your grades before the end of the school year!

You have until June 5th to take advantage of the #DHSGradeGlowUp Challenge!

To participate, all you need to do is complete one of the suggested activities listed below and then share your work on social media using the hashtag #DHSGradeGlowUp.

Middle & High School students are invited to participate. (DSMS, PHMS, EW, and DHSHS)

Activities to Complete

1. Set a goal for yourself. What do you want to accomplish this week or by the end of the year?

2. Communicate with teachers and parents. Let them know you're accepting the GLOW UP challenge to raise your grade.

3. Make a schedule. Create a daily routine for yourself, keep a calendar or use an agenda.

4. Practice good study habits. Work undistracted. Go to bed early. Eat healthy. Focus & meet deadlines.

5. Share an academic success. Celebrate a good grade or positive feedback from your teacher.

6. Reflect & be mindful. Share about how COVID-19 has impacted your life or changed you.

Prize Incentives! It is easy to win!

Step 1: Complete any of the activities listed above. Choose one that will motivate you to GLOW UP your grades. You can complete the same activity more than once in the next 5 weeks.

Step 2: Share an image or written reflection showing that you completed the activity on your social media account using the hashtag #DHSGradeGlowUp.

Step 3: Keep working on school and cross your fingers that you have been randomly selected to win a prize! If chosen, you will be contacted.

Step 4: Celebrate your improved grades!!

Thank you for supporting Desert Hot Springs students!

#DHSGradeGlowUp is sponsored by the DHS Family Alliance, Borrego Health Desert Hot Springs Health & Wellness Center and One Future Coachella Valley. Prizes are sponsored by JSA Consulting, Lorraine Becker, Jimmy John's, and the Barbara Sinatra Children's Center.