October 2016


Things finally seem to be quieting down a bit and let's all hope it stays that way for a little while. I know some staff have not felt the effects of the changes as much as others have and I know a few heads may still be spinning. Nonetheless, I have to say, we made it without missing a beat because everyone pulled together the way a team should and made it happen. I am proud to be a part of this program and a part of such a wonderful team.

Staff Updates

Many of you are aware of what's been happening, but I am saying it anyway!!!

  • Emily Gatschet is now our Director at Cambridge and Jen is our new Director at Gladden.
  • Haley Roten was our newest assistant at Kentucky Trail and she is doing a great job over there.
  • We have hired two new assistants at Hillcrest - Monica Robertson and Brad Jewell - Please introduce yourselves when you see them.
  • Jayson Wellman will be helping out at Cambridge until Emily gets back. Thanks Jayson!
  • Kylee is back because she loves us soooo much! Welcome back and we are so glad you are here!
  • Dolores is still waiting to hear from her doctors, but is hopeful that they will be able to repair her hip. Please keep her in your prayers! WE LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU DEE!


Congratulations to Emily on her new bundle of joy! Colt came in weighing 6lbs. and measuring at a whopping 19 inches!

Upcoming dates to remember

  • We will have a staff meeting October 18th. (I would like for everyone to bring an issue with them that they would like help with. It could be a child that is difficult, having issues with planning or carrying out activities, etc.)
  • MOSAC will be November 12th and 13th. I have registered all staff that requested to go and made reservations for three rooms. If I missed any staff please let me know. I have: Steph, Allie, Haley, Jen, Kylee, Emily, Molly, Tim, Jayson and Brad.
  • November 19th - I have set up a coding training with Science Pioneers. This will be a Saturday and will give staff 6 clock hours. I have invited Raymore After School to join us and will open it up for Grace staff who need to get their hours as well. If you are unsure if you have your clock hours please see me.