Gospel Doctrine

New Testament study for June 7th

Lesson 21: “What Is the Sign of Thy Coming?”

"Over time, the verses in Matthew 24 have been changed and rearranged, making it sometimes difficult to understand which event a particular verse describes. Fortunately, as part of his inspired translation of the Bible, Joseph Smith clarified the two prophecies and restored additional information. His inspiried translation of Matthew 24 is found in Joseph Smith--Matthew in the Pearl of Great Price."

We will use Joseph Smith--Matthew in our discussion.

Joseph Smith—Matthew 1:1–20 (Matthew 24:1–5, 9–13, 15–22). Jesus foretells the impending destruction of Jerusalem.

Joseph Smith—Matthew 1:21–55 (Matthew 24:6–8, 14, 23–51). Jesus describes the signs that will precede his Second Coming and teaches how his elect can prepare for his coming.

Additional reading: Mark 13; Luke 21:5–38; Doctrine and Covenants 45:15–55.

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