Going to church with young children

Children (PreK-2nd grade), their parents, and caregivers

Jesus said, "let the little children come to me." (Mt 19:14)

What is it like to go to mass with young children? How can we enter into the liturgy as parents? How can our young children enter into the celebration? As parents and caregivers of young children, we struggle with this, and we also have strategies to share. So many parents feel run down after taking their children to mass. How can we learn from each other to be able to pray the liturgy with our families?

Saturday, January 9th (10-11:30)

10:00 Gathering prayer: A Child's Book of the Mass

10:30 Listening session for parents; Activity stations for children

11:15 Sending forth

Survey about bringing younger children to church

We invite you to take this survey even if you can not attend. http://ow.ly/VVE75

This will help the Spirituality Committee as we plan for the event on January 9th.

RSVP to Christina Puntel by January 5th. (Email below)

Praying at church with young children

Saturday, Jan. 9th, 10-11:30am

17 East Chestnut Hill Avenue

Philadelphia, PA

Meet in the OMC School Music Room