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How does the European Union promote positive economic and political relationships amongst member states?


The European Union, is the political and economic union of a group of countries, all residing in Europe. It is something of a private club in Europe, with requirements to be admitted in, as well as rules to remain in. The main requirement to be admitted in to the E.U. is to fulfill the Copenhagen Criteria, which requires a stable economy and a stable democratic government. The E.U. currently has 27 countries.
What is the EU?

Why was it created?

The main reason for why the European Union was formed was for economy boosting reasons. The EU allowed the member countries to form a central market which led to a common currency, the Euro, and also the European Bank.The Euro is designed to make a currency to rival the dollar. It was created to facilitate trade and to promote growth in the economy.Basically the European Union was created for economic purposes.

Other reasons for the creation of the European union:

  • Peace and Stability
  • Bringing Europe together again(unity)
  • Safety and security
  • Economic and Social Solidarity
  • Identity and Diversity from a Globalized World

Official Currency of the EU: the Euro

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Purpose of the EU?

The purpose of the European Union is kind of like a national government, but instead of member states, they are separate and independent countries. It was also to try to stop tense relations between the European countries because being part of a common union, it is less likely to be conflict. The countries would have better security and peace between them.

Countries in the European Union

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What has the EU accomplished?

When the EU was formed, it let more people travel easier and let them live abroad in different European countries since they had a common alliance in the EU. Also they have increased environmental health and done more for equal pay, setting the minimum amounts someone needs to be on paid leave and making sure there is no discrimination jobs-wise to anybody. The peace has also been kept between them, letting the risk of another war minimize.

The European Union Flag

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Impact Globally?

Europe has given free market to the people, letting goods and services have more free trade, promoting more wealth and global connections because of more travel and work opportunities. Also, the European Union has had made it’s own currency, the Euro, which will affect the world because it will make currency conversion much easier upon tourists and travelers. The E.U. is also now the world’s biggest trader. It is now responsible for half of the world’s aid works.