Gandhi: A Historical Legend

An article by Gabrielle Cook.

The Life of Gandhi

Gandhi was a peaceful man. He was a legendary figure that helped several people. Everyday Gandhi worked for peace but unfortunately, he didn't always succeed.

Gandhi"s Start

Gandhi's parents were devoted Hinduists. Gandhi was born in 1869 and was married at a very young age. He got married at THIRTEEN years old to a young girl named Kasturba. At age 19 he left home and went to England to study to be a barrister. He had originally wanted to be a doctor but he had to uphold the business. While he was in England, he promised to his mom that he would stay away from wine, women, and meat. He was a vegetarian, so that was why he had to stay away from meat. But it wasn't until Gandhi came along that India was under British rule. That was only one of Gandhi's achievements though.

Gandhi's Achievements

Gandhi was a man of achievments. He did so many incredible things for India that it is incredible. Since Gandhi was a believer in peace and non-violence, he used non-violent protests to fight oppression. Even though he tried to work peacefully he still got thrown in jail several times. One time, all of his followers rallied outside the jail until they agreed to free Gandhi. He also was the leader of the Indian Independence Movement. That meant that he started many independence movements. Although, one of his greatest achievements was the Salt March. He started it because of the unfair tax on salt. But sometimes his protests ended badly. On a train ride to Preloria Gandhi got thrown out of a 1st class train car after refusing to move for another passenger. After he got thrown out he was beat up by a white stagecoach driver. Other than that most of his protests were successful.

Gandhi's Final Years

Gandhi was known to everyone in his last few years. To almost everyone Gandhi was known as "Bapu" which means "Father". Even at old age he managed to make some pretty amazing achievements. 2 of his final, legal achievements were declaring Indian marriage and declaring abolition for a former Indian slave law. But at age 77 Gandhi started to fast. It was after he had told a village that he would fast, and they didn't believe him, that was when he started to fast. But by then he only had 2 years left. At age of 79 Mahatma Gandhi was shot to death by a Hinduism abolitionist. But it was almost 50 years after Gandhi's death that they spread his ashes in the Ganges River.

Our World Today

All in all Gandhi was a pretty amazing man. If he hadn't made that change, our world could be very different today. Probably a lot less peaceful world. Even though he is dead, to this day he is still remebered as a hero.
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