Major Cities

Iqualit is the capital city of Nunavut, it is located in east Nunavut.

Eurek is a cold place and it is in southern Nunavut.

Kungluktuk is located in western Nunavut.

Rankinlnlet is located in southeast Nunavut.


The Ice Break Cruise is a cruise that only happens when the ice is breaking, and only about 1000 local people can afford to go on it as it is very expensive.

Many people also travel to Nunavut to hunt. People in Nunavut hunt muskoxen, caribou, walrus, and also a lot of smaller game animals. Nunavut is also home to the least threatened population of wolves on the planet. It takes special skill to hunt in the Arctic, but people who do it contribute to the tourism of the territory.

Natural Resources


Polar bears



Iron, precious metals



Natural Gas


Nunavut is located at the top of Canada. It is northeast of Quebec, west of the Northwest Territories and north of Manitoba.
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this is a picture of Nunavut

Major Landforms

There are a lot of landforms in Nunavut. There are ice rivers and snow capped mountains and a lot of frozen tundra. In Nunavut there are also a lot of totem poles. They are so popular there with the natives that there is even one on the flag of the territory.
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This is the Nunavut flag

Wonder Questions

1 what does the Nunavut flag look like?

Answer: It is yellow and white and has a red totem pole in the middle and a blue star on the top right hand corner.

2 When was Nunavut founded?

Answer: It was founded on April 1 1999

3 How much does food cost in Nunavut?

Answer: It is about double the price that it is in Ontario.