Viatrus Flower [Vitrus Sporadichus]

Brandon Johnson


The planet's name is Gallifrey, and contains lots of earth-like qualities. However, there are no tundras or mountains. The majority of the planet is made up of valleys, small forests, and swamps. The Viatrus flower is located in the valley portion of the planet, and occupies a small minority of the space there. Other plants that are very similar to Earth's are located everywhere across the vast, unexplored planet. The flowers cover the majority of the planet, which makes the atmosphere seem like a dark orange hue, kind of like Jupiter. The planet's land is naturally yellow, and the water in the oceans are white. Water shades are darker based on how deep they are in the environment.


The Viatrus flower has developed thicker petals, much like it's earthly counterpart. The plant has also gainedthe ability to survive temperatures as high as 90 degrees, and as low as 20 degrees. The leaves secrete a fluid that keeps them from freezing over in the cold temperature. The anther grows to the size of the flower petals to adapt to the low wind speed and increase adds pollination.


The Viatrus plant can be found in most valleys on the planet, but the valley's temperature can drop to 20 degrees in the winter, which causes some plants to die, but the Viatrus' adaptations allow it to survive. There are some trees in the valley, but it is mostly filled with red grass. The environment experiences four seasons, just as Earth does, as well as most flowers contained on Earth. The valley has many running streams, and moderate altitude, as well as an occasional rain storm.

Reproductive Method/Seed dispersal

The Viatrus flower is both asexual and sexual. The seeds inside the ovary are able to be pollinated by bees, and they are also light enough to be blown away in the wind.

Similar to

The Viatrus flower is very similar to the amaranth flower, in physical appearance, and in structure. The Amaranth flower is both asexual and sexual, as is the Viatrus. Both flowers have thick petals as to keep from swaying in the wind. The seeds are stored in the ovary stored in the middle of the flower with the Viatrus, but the Amaranth flower has the ovary stored higher and more accessible to pollination.

Viatrus Flower Drawing [Labelled]

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