Herbs For Herbal Hypertension Remedies That Are Commonly Used

Hypertension is a term used to describe high blood pressure. There are many attributes which may lead to hypertension and two of those causes are placed in groups, known as primary and secondary causes. Herbal hypertension remedies are often suggested by herbal health practitioners.

Primary causes are from any of the following factors: Heritage, age, high sodium diets, use of tobacco, lack of exercise, poor levels of potassium.

Secondary causes are any, yet not limited to the following conditions: Thyroid disease, hormonal disease, kidney disease, adrenal gland disease, use of certain drugs such as oral contraceptives or herbs like licorice.

Some well known herbs to assist in remedies for high blood pressure are:

Garlic - Has been found to thin blood (similar to aspirin) reducing clotting in the blood. Though, it can also interact with prescribed drugs and supplements for blood thinning. Use it only with proper supervision of a Professional Medical Practitioner.

Bilberry - Helps aid in blood flow and has been used to assist in lowering blood pressure. Bilberry is related to the blueberry.

Nattokinase - An enzyme that is widely popular in Japan which is derived from natto. Natto is a food made from fermented soybeans. It has not yet been defined as to its exact connection to hypertension, though most studies relate to its ability of thinning blood.

Coleus - Helps breakdown fat stored in blood vessels, while the forskolin (an extract from the roots of the Coleus forskohlii plant) in coleus helps lower hypertension.

Hawthorne root - Widely used by herbal practitioners to treat hypertension.

Saffron - Is a very popular spice which can be used in cooking or added to tea. Saffron embodies a chemical called crocetin which has been used to treat heart issues.

There are many herbal hypertension remedies to choose from, as well as natural remedies. A healthy lifestyle, diet and herbs can be very beneficial to a healthy body. It is very important to consult with a medical professional prior to taking any supplements or herbs because some can significantly affect prescription drugs.

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