Micheal Jordan

The Great Story

His Dream

ever since he was little Jordan had a dream of playing in the NBA

His Obstacles

Believe it or not Micheal was not the best basketball player at first. He first started off with playing baseball and then really got into basketball. In his early years of playing in the NBA he experienced obstacles of racism from other players. After overcoming this he turned into the great basketball player we know today.

In his career Micheal Jordan experienced a lot of injuries like in his second season of playing in the NBA, when playing for the Chicago Bulls, he broke his foot which caused him to miss a total of 64 games. Despite this injury, the Bulls still made it to the playoffs.

His childhood

Micheal was born February 17, 1963. He was the forth child out of five kids, two older brothers James and Larry, one older sister Deloris and a younger sister Roslyn.

Micheal at first was a baseball player and he won in his state for best at it. When he started playing basketball after his brother Larry started who he idolized he soon learned he was great at it.

The Great MJ Now

last seasons total of point consisted of more than 32k points, over 6K rebounds and many more astonishing stats. today Micheal Jordan is one of the best baskteball players of all time in the NBA and is in the Naismish Basketball Hall of Fame.
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